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Press Release SEO Guide

Press release tips

Living in the technological age comes with knowing just about everything about – well – just about everybody, everything, everywhere. With credit due to the proliferation of social media throughout the past decade, news travels more quickly than ever before.Even though the Internet has been around since the early 1990s, it’s grown many times over, in terms of sheer size of files, number of domain names and active web users, and devices that can readily access the World Wide Web – pretty much every metric one can think of.

While the number of individuals browsing the Internet is far higher than that of total business entities, businesses have deeply-rooted interests of making sure consumers think highly of their organizations. As such, press releases are more important than ever before.

It’s true that press releases have existed for over 100 years, although it’s unlikely they’ve ever been as important as they are today. Here are eight tips you should keep in mind when writing press releases – intertwine all of them into one well-worded press release, and expect your audience to think as highly as possible of your organization.

Quotes Add Credibility

Even though you might not consciously recognize such, it’s true that including sources of credibility in press releases – in this capacity, quotes – will encourage readers to take your entity’s press release with complete seriousness and credibility. If press releases can’t be readily consumed as true, entities are better off not releasing any media at all.

Cut Down On Grammatical Errors

Entities that publish press releases for the entire world to see should make sure no grammatical errors exist in the entirety of such documents. The Internet is full of programs, most of which are free, that scan textual documents for errors.

Business entities should be able to afford premium versions of such computerized proofreaders, not to mention enlist the help of real, living writers and editors. Relying on a diversified combination of both digital and human proofreaders should eliminate all grammatical errors from your press releases.

Press Releases Need To Include Contact Info

Consumers often have questions to ask business entities in response to press releases. Even though search engines typically link consumers with searches for any entity’s contact information, press releases experience boosts to credibility when one or more persons’ contact information are added to the closing of such publications.

Try Your Best To Limit Such Publications To One Page

Press releases should never exceed two pages in length, and should ideally only consist of one page. Logos should be shrunk sufficiently to provide enough room for text, numerals, tables, charts, and contact information.

The point of press releases is to provide consumers with meaningful information in easily-read form, not something that’s as difficult to interpret as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Document Too Long? Add Hyperlinks To Digital Documents

If your dental SEO for dentists strategy like thepress release is published in print-based works like newspapers or magazines, make sure simple links are provided at the closing of such articles. However, in today’s world, virtually all publications will be propagated through the World Wide Web.

As such, you should always add relevant, active, accurate hyperlinks to any and all relevant information. Consumers deserve to know what’s going on.

Numbers Are Easy To Understand

Entities in need of reporting numerical information should do so in whatever format is easiest to consume. Percentages and dollar values are typically easiest to understand, as long as your entity reports them in a way that doesn’t require calculation.

Don’t Linger Around

Consumers want to know what’s going on, so be straight, and to the point. Failing to do so could lose consumers’ collective interest, cause bad press to be circulated around the Internet in response, and result in other negative outcomes.

Headlines Mean The World

If something bad happens within or related to your entity, ensure the headline is as positive as possible. However, never misrepresent situations associated with your business entity, as doing so could cause a world of trouble for your organization.

SEO Benefits of Guest Posting

link building services

Is SEO Guest Posting Dead?

SEO continues to be an effective way of getting high search engine rankings and communicating with your targeted audience. You should be familiar with Matt Cutt’s January 20, 2014 post, The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO if you follow the world of Search Engine Optimization closely. His post sent shock waves throughout the digital marketing community.
Guest posting was a reliable marketing technique for several years, but many people did not have a full understanding of guest posting for SEO. This was one of the biggest problems with using this digital marketing technique. They were concentrating on the goal of chasing the maximum number of different domains. This caused problems for digital marketers that did not abuse this strategy.
For example, let’s say that a publisher’s business has 100 different websites that deals with that particular niche. The publisher’s websites will have different rankings in the search engines. They will probably look like this:
-Three sites with have a high authority level
-Five sites will have a pretty high authority level
-Twelve sites will have a respectable authority level
-Twenty sites will have a weak authority level
-Twenty-five sites will have a very weak authority level
-Thirty-five sites will be terrible
Let’s say the publisher makes only one post on each site. They make an earnest effort to do six guest posts per month. They are fortunate to get on the high authority sites within a day or two. In the long run, these websites with will fall in the rankings. In many cases, these sites have fallen into the “Weak” category by the fourth month. By the eleventh month, they are putting new posts on Genuinely Bad websites.
They can avoid this problem by posting quality content on sites that do not write about their niche regularly. Well, this will lead to a new problem. There is no relevance!
This paradox has made it very difficult for many digital marketers to promote their services and goods on the internet. They are having a hard time with getting the search engines to show favor to their marketing efforts. In the world of digital marketing, you cannot promote your site without search engines.
Are Press Releases Effective?
Press releases were one of main the highlights covered by many digital marketing instructors several years ago. It became a common practice for digital marketers to send out press releases to get high rankings. In most cases, press releases helped them get an edge over their competitors.
Press releases offer exceptional results if they are used properly. They can help the media and bloggers learn more about your business. This will give your digital marketing efforts more exposure. An intelligent guest post can produce the same results.
Concentrate on Connecting with High-Authority Columns
Connecting with three high-authority websites and five pretty high-authority websites will provide exceptional results. These sites have a large following and they can transfer their authority to your site. You stand a good chance of getting tons of social shares if you publish great content.
Please keep in mind that high-authority websites are not that easy to get into. It may take some time for you to get to that level. Persistence is the key to getting to that level.
Final Summary
Guest posting for SEO offers some advantages to digital marketers. However, I think you should concentrate your efforts on other digital marketing techniques. There’s a possibility that Google will disable established links from guest posts. This could hurt your rankings.
You should work hard at building a strong reputation in your niche. Sharing valuable content will help you become the true authority in your vertical. People will visit your site and link to it. It will be a win-win situation for everyone.

SEO Statistics

The best SEO Statistics
updated 11.22.2024

2024-2023 SEO Stats

These statistics and trends indicate that in 2024, your SEO strategy will need to focus more on creating high-quality, user-centric content, optimizing for new technologies like voice search and AI, and ensuring excellent user experience through website performance and credibility.

SEO Facts and SEO Stats

WordPress SEO Plugin Facts

SEO Career Stats

  • The phrase SEO jobs has an 23% search increase on Google during 2017 compared to 2013
2018 SEO Facts

SEO Facts, Statistics and Trends 2017-2018

Anybody who has been marketing for a few moments has heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the criteria that search engines use to rank websites. But that criteria is often changing to accommodate new SEO consulting trends. Any blogger who wants a consistent flow of traffic will keep up with these changes.

A Secure Website

The best SEO Statistics

SEO Content Marketing Trends

Most websites want some kind of user interaction. If you have an online store, then ideally, your users will enter their credit card information. For bloggers, the information could include just a name and e-mail address for a newsletter. Hackers know about this and they attempt to break into your website and steal your customers’ information. This is especially true if they are on an open WiFi server, such as in a coffee shop.
Google is actually rewarding websites that switch from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS provides a more secure connection by encrypting all of the data that is transmitted. In fact, Google will soon start flagging websites that are not encrypted. If there is anything that will deflate your traffic, it is a warning label from Google.

Algorithms That Search For Real Content

Google caught on pretty quickly to spammers who tried to exploit their system. Their algorithms are now sophisticated enough to detect when there is real underlying content. This means that you will actually have to write.

Another positive aspect of creating content is that people will come to your website for it. When they need a product, they will already have you in mind because they frequent your site. Similarly, writing content will help to establish you as an industry expert. It is a method of controlling your brand. Beyond that, content will protect against smear campaigns. If a competitor writes an article about you, it is going to be buried in the search engine results under all of your content.

Voice Searches

Interestingly, experts predict a rise in voice searches (see SEO facts). That can already be seen with robotic products such as the Amazon Echo. But if they become as prevalent as researchers think, bloggers could have to make major adjustments to strategies due to voice search and the implications of SEO

One example could be keywords. People do not vocalize keywords in the same way that they type keywords. When typing, they might use odd query terms to yield their results. But when speaking, they will use natural language. This means that your content will have to be more conversational. A spoken search is less precise than a written search, so a highly technical website might be left behind.

The great Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius said that intelligence is defined as adaptability. That truism still stands today. If digital marketers want to keep pace with their competitors, they need to be adaptable.

AWS Alternatives for Amazon EC2 Web Services

The Top 10 Alternatives to AWS EC2
As effective as Amazon’s AWS EC2 may be, its pricing structure is unfortunately too expensive for many people that are just starting to build their website and attract traffic. Luckily, there are plenty of other alternatives that provide just as much functionality, without substantial increases in pricing also. Whether you’re interested in building a site with WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!, these AWS alternatives to AWS EC2 will have your site up and running in no time.
1. Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean is perhaps one of the most well known alternatives to Amazon’s cloud hosting service. In fact, many developers have opted to move away from Amazon in favor of Digital Ocean. Aside from being a cheaper alternative, Digital Ocean has also established itself as being considerably more efficient as well. For those that are particularly price-conscious, Digital Ocean is currently offering a promotional opportunity where new users get up to $10 in free credit.
2. Vultr
For those that find Digital Ocean’s offers still too expensive, Vultr is the next best alternative to the two big names in cloud hosting. In addition to being competitively priced, Vultr also prides itself on offering cross-platform functionality. Vultr’s services are designed to be compatible with both Windows and Linux-based systems. Anyone that is on the fence about Vultr’s services can sign up now to get up to $50 in credit for 60 days.
3. VPS.Net
VPS.Net is a little different from the others in this list. While we’ve primarily focused on pricing as the main difference between these services, VPS.Net is actually more focused on accessibility. While VPS.Net is still competitively priced compared to Amazon’s services, VPS.Net’s real strength lies in its user interface design and intuitive functionality. VPS.Net is particularly recommended for beginners that do not have much underlying experience in working with cloud hosting providers.
4. LeaseWeb
Unlike the other cloud hosting providers, LeaseWeb is not cheaper than its main competitor, Amazon. Instead, LeaseWeb offers a more expensive service that makes up for its higher price point with greater functionality. Users that sign up with LeaseWeb can enjoy greater download speeds and a larger amount of traffic support. LeaseWeb is particularly recommended for experienced users that need to address the growing demands of their website. As a site’s traffic builds, they’ll want to look into moving away from Amazon in favor of a service that provides more for a slight increase in price.
5. Linode
Linode used to be one of Digital Ocean’s primary competitors, but shifts in the market have led Linode to be increasingly isolated. Of course, Linode does still provide some useful features to users that have decided to stick with it. Unlike many of the others on this list, Linode offers users a load balancing feature, to ensure that their infrastructure remains stable regardless of incoming traffic. It is worth mentioning though that Linode is only recommended for Linux users, so their services aren’t really for everyone.
6. CloudWays
CloudWays is unique among those on this list in that they also offer managerial services. Unlike the other cloud hosting providers listed here, CloudWays works with users to help them manage their systems across Google, Digital Ocean, and Amazon. As a result of this cross-functionality, CloudWays is particularly useful for users that have had issues in the past trying to keep track of their various providers.
Similar to CloudWays, works with users to provide them with a managed data center services option. Unlike CloudWays, which works with a range of cloud hosting providers, is specifically interested in helping users to work with Amazon. As a result of this specialized focus, is primarily geared towards users that do most of their business through Amazon and need a managed services option for that specific sector. Users that regularly mix and match service providers will want to look elsewhere, but those that only work with Amazon will get the most value out of’s competitive pricing and improved features.
8. XenPower
For those in Europe, XenPower is perhaps the most competitively priced alternative to Amazon currently available. Although their services are cheap even by international standards, XenPower’s primary focus is on providing a reliable and stable cloud hosting service to the European market.
9. is comparable to Digital Ocean in terms of scalability and pricing, but they lack the accessibility of Digital Ocean. If’s offerings are enough for your site’s current needs, then they’re an effective option to both Digital Ocean and Amazon. Of course, if they’re not, then it’s probably a better idea to simply go with Digital Ocean.
10. Codero
Codero is another competitively priced cloud-based hosting service that separates itself from most of the others on this list simply by supporting Windows-based systems. While most providers are based on Linux, Codero has also built-in support for Windows and reseller SEO services in order to ensure that it can work with a wider audience.
Although negotiating with Amazon for discounts can be an unique and thrilling experience, it’s oftentimes easier to simply look at what their competitors are offering. In this case, we’ve outlined some of the best alternatives out there for cloud-based hosting services. Whether you’re a new user interested in building a site from the ground up, or an experienced veteran that is looking to expand their operations with greater functionality, there is sure to be something on this list for everyone to take advantage of. As always, the most important thing to do when researching options is to experiment with their promotional opportunities and see which one is the most reliable.

LSI Keyword Research with Semantic Intent

With tomorrow’s customers driving today’s search engine results, semantics play a key role in the way search engine algorithms operate. In a nut shell, the LSI (latent semantic indexing) formula links a user’s intent with the search terms they enter and uses this information to rank pertinent web pages.
Latent Semantic Indexing allows online advertisers to take a closer look at people’s internet search patterns. Because Google itself uses this technology to browse through huge data chunks in order to connect user search terms with search results, marketers can use it to more easily select keywords for their specific niche.
LSI is closely related to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. Internet advertisers who need SEO-optimized material may wonder whether keyword research is still necessary with this algorithm in place, and the short answer is yes.
Although the Hummingbird algorithm impacted Google’s methodology for computing search queries, keyword research is still absolutely essential for online marketers. The best strategy is to more closely study your search queries to see if the terms match the user intent of a SEO customer’s targeted audience.

How to Research Keywords With LSI

Natural SEO best practices shouldn’t stray too much from standard keyword planning in favor of more context-based strategies. In truth, modern SEO really needs to combine both of these systems in order to produce the most reliable strategy.
1. User Intent
Researching keywords with only a word list and their search frequencies isn’t in-depth enough to create well-targeted LSI material. Online advertisers must realize that keywords are only a general indicator of people’s online browsing habits and needs, which is why considering a user’s intent or persona is invaluable when performing a targeted keyword analysis.
To determine a user’s persona, it’s imperative to understand their specific desires and objectives. This helps to pinpoint what terms users are interested in when making queries. The two simplest personas to study are researchers and prospective buyers.
To understand the difference between these personas, consider these examples of internet users searching for info on SEO:

  • Researchers are usually more interested in SEO tools, tips/tutorials/statistics/guides, and the companies that make them.
  • Potential buyers are more likely to be searching for a specific brand of SEO agency, SEO costs or prices, or SEO consulting.

With both of these personas in mind, it’s possible to create an index of keywords and tag them based on a user’s intent.
2. LSI Search Term Matches
Performing LSI keyword analysis is highly comparable to conventional keyword research. A marketer will still have to figure out how hard it’s going to be to rank positively for a specific keyword, the amount of organic value it has, and how pertinent it is to a customer’s company.
An example is a ‘professional SEO agency‘ who wants to rank well for the key phrase “SEO agency”. Terms that might show up during the preliminary keyword research like “best SEO agency”, “top SEO agencies”, and “SEO company near me” function as basic LSI matches. They’re related to the main keyword and add context to it, enabling users to incorporate them into their content to rank higher.
3. Subject Matches
When creating a list of keywords, it’s important to look at how a keyword lines up with the subject matter of targeted content. In short, the targeted search terms need to be synchronized with the web page material.
A smart way to harmonize targeted keywords with content subjects is to cross-check a user’s persona to determine where they’re at in the search funnel. This makes it much easier to establish what type of content is needed to boost customers up to a higher level.
So for marketers who have an active web page about search engine optimization services, it might be a good idea to add certain terms like “SEO firm” or “natural SEO strategy” to the content. These keywords are aligned with both the site’s and the target audience’s intent.

Keyword Research Tools and Apps

When trying to determine LSI keywords, there are a few helpful tools available to web marketers, which are listed below:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner offers marketers a projected level of keyword traffic, in addition to exact and similar keywords for a specific niche market. Although it’s best suited for a Google AdWords campaign, this tool assists advertisers in looking up the ideal search terms to include in online SEO content and anchor text for link building services.

Google Search Results

Briefly researching terms on Google’s search engine is the easiest way to find LSI terms that are related to a main keyword. Users just need to enter their main keyword to retrieve bolded keywords that show up as similar search results. Google also provides extra search relevant results which can be found towards the bottom of the search engine results page.

LSI Graph & Keyword Generator

LSI Graph is a cost-free program for creating keywords that are connected or share a similar meaning with your main keywords. It provides a more convenient method to locate and list LSI keywords than a simple Google lookup. All the program requires is a single main keyword in order to bring up more than 49 LSI search terms.
When it comes to performing in-depth keyword research for LSI search terms, the most valuable tip is to keep everything in order. It’s best to look for search terms that will blend in with a SEO customer’s web page, while taking care to not simply cram a page full of keywords without offering any valuable new info, as doing so can result in Google penalties against the website. The idea is to make smart use of search term relevance to formulate a keyword strategy that will pay off by bringing in more web traffic.

Local SEO Rankings Improvements with NAP

Local SEO Google 3 Pack Results

Local SEO Google 3 Pack Results

Did you know that inconsistent NAPs (name, address and phone number) can damage your local SEO efforts? Why is Google all about consistent NAP? Think of Google as being your neighbor – he knows all, he sees all. Your kitchen sink has become clogged, and you need the assistance of a plumber. You turn to your Know-It-All neighbor.
Your neighbor announces that they know a plumber, and goes to find the business card. He pulls out a plethora of cards, some of them similar to each other. In fact, they may have three or four business cards with the same name but with different addresses and phone numbers. Which one of those cards is the most recent?
You could probably look at the design of the card to deduce how long ago it was designed and whether or not it’s current. Even your neighbor isn’t sure which one is the right one. You consider taking every card with different phone numbers to find out which number is the right one.
Your neighbor takes the cards back, saying they can’t give you a recommendation unless they’re sure the number is right for themselves. They worry that you’ll never trust them again if you don’t get the right number right off the bat. Looking through the mess of business cards, your neighbor notices another plumber’s business card in the pile. He hands it to you, saying you should be able to get through to them easily.
What Google Is Looking To Do
This is what Google wants to do – provide you with the information you need easily and effortlessly. Why is that? Google knows that you may not trust it anymore if you don’t get consistent information. It knows you’ll stop asking questions from it and that you’ll ignore the ads. For Google, this is a bad thing.
When you ask Google for recommendations, the search engine wants to ensure of two things:

  • You get reliable individuals and businesses.
  • You attain the right business contact information. You obviously don’t want to hear “this number is no longer in service.”

The reason your neighbor had problems with a recommendation was that they had no idea which card was the most current. After all, the four business cards had information that conflicted with each other.
Each time your NAP local SEO shows up on the web – your website, social media accounts, directory, blog post, etc. – this is a business card in Google’s wallet. If the information is conflicting with each other, Google won’t recommend it.
This means your business could miss out on a sale.
With a little work though, you can fix the various citations on the Internet. And, the work you put forth will do wonders for your business.
4 Steps To Improve Your SEO Efforts and Boost Your Business Rankings
Choose An Official NAP

Whats Does Nap Stand For? – NAP in local Search Engine Optimization is an acronym for Name Address Phone.

When it comes to getting noticed via search engines, you want to make sure that your NAP stays the same throughout the web. Choose what the official NAP is going to be in order to keep your SEO plan working for you.

  • 336 S. Webspand St.
  • 336 South Webspand St.
  • 336 South Webspand St., Suite 101

Believe it or not, these minute difference make a huge difference. Make sure to use just one version.
Use The Official NAP On Your Website
Make sure that the official NAP is on your website – on every single page. You don’t want to use one NAP for one page and another NAP on another. Consistency is important here.
Make Use Of Local SEO Services and Aggregators
Several minor directors attain their data from bigger aggregators. Make sure you deal with the aggregator to make a mark with other birds.

  • Sign up on Moz Local, which will cost $84 per year and will run and update NAP information in various important aggregators like Best of the Web, Factual, Infogroup, etc.
  • BrightLocal is another worthwhile paid service, which has a free but limited citation building and correct service. A 30-day free trial is also offered.
  • Yext PowerListings is relatively similar and controls more than 100 local platforms and networks. A quote will need to be requested to find out how much it will cost your business. Their services can often be received via natural SEO company.

Be sure to use the advanced Google search tricks from Casey Meroz to reduce the number of listings you’ll have to go through.

Be Consistent Throughout The Web
If there are non-aggregator citation sources (ones you don’t pay for), see how your listing shows up with a free tool such as Moz Local’s Citation Checkers. After that, carry out research for your name, address and phone number to see what kinds of listing show up. Are the NAP details the same as one another?

SEO Results | How long does SEO work take?

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

In the age of the internet, we expect just about everything to be immediate. We’re used to waiting only seconds to receive the results of a Google search and we expect our websites to load as soon as we hit the “enter” key. So with everything appearing at the touch of a button, it is common to feel a little restless when we don’t see our SEO consulting services and strategies taking effect as soon as we make our changes and pay for the good SEO costs.

It takes time for our SEO strategy to start paying off, but how do you know how much time is enough time to wait?

How SEO Has Changed

In the early days of how SEO worked, all you needed to do was select a handful of keywords that represented what your company provides or does. These keywords were typically one or two words that told what you sold, what you performed, or who you were. And for a while, that system could bring you to the top of your results.
But as websites evolved, so did SEO. If this is still the strategy you’re sticking to, you’re probably not finding many results.
Today, searchers are coming to Google and creating searches using language they would actually use. Instead of simply putting in a few keywords and hoping Google will put together what they’re looking for, search engine users are giving detail, using full questions, or linking multiple keywords together. These new keywords are known as “long tail” keywords.
Finding the right long tail keywords is not fast, but if you can find one that works for you, you’ll really see the return. If you’re still focusing on ranking first for one or two word keywords, you need to reevaluate your strategy.

How Important is Your Ranking?

You’ve probably been told time and time again that it only matters if you’re in the top of a search results list. While this is true to some extent, it doesn’t matter if you’re appearing first for the wrong set of keywords. Appearing first for a keyword won’t bring you in any new business if no one is searching for that keyword.
On the other hand, not being first isn’t a death sentence for your business. If you are ranking somewhere on the first page for a popular keyword, you could still see a steady increase of business. In this situation, even fifth or sixth for the right keyword is better than first for the wrong keyword.

What You Should Be Focusing On

Instead of thinking of your SEO strategy as only “working” if you reach number one in the search results list, consider instead a successful SEO strategy to be one that increases your sales and generates new business. While your end goal will still be to reach the top of the list, you should start seeing results from your new SEO strategy long before you reach that first place slot.

How Long Until You See Results?

Unfortunately, there is no clear timeline for when you will start seeing results from your SEO strategy. Now that we are identifying a successful SEO strategy has one that brings in new business rather than one that brings you to the top of the list, the amount of success you see all depends on the strength of the connections that you make.
The previous state of your website and SEO will also influence how long until you will see results. If this is your first SEO strategy for your website, it may take longer for you to grab customer attention than it would be for a company that already had a decent system in place. Other influencers include the amount of content on your website, how connected you are with other companies, and if you already have a steady flow of traffic to your page.
Although everyone will not have the same experience with their SEO strategy, here is a possible timeline for what you can expect with your SEO efforts:
Month #1
In the first month, you should be planning for the changes that you will make. Perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your website, determine which keyword are best for you, and begin looking for the direction you want your organic SEO strategy to go. Make a list of things you will need to change on your website and begin brainstorming ideas for content that fits with your new SEO ideas.
Month #2
The second month of is the time to begin your technical SEO work, including incorporating the necessary changes you found in Month #1. If there are a lot of changes to make to your website, this step may take longer than one month. For easier modifications, you may be looking at less than one month.
Month #3
Within your third month, you should focus on creating new content that aligns with your re-vamped SEO strategy. Although we are classifying this step into the third month, it can realistically be done at the same time as modifying your website. Whether or not you complete them at once depends on your budget and time you’re able to commit to each project. If you don’t have the means to do both simultaneously, focus first on your website changes.
When creating new content, look at everything from your web pages to future blog posts and articles. If you sell products, you will probably want to re-write your product descriptions to better align with the rest of the copy on your site. As you begin posting this new content, you should begin to see your company name moving up in the search results ranks.
Month #4
In the fourth month of your strategy, you should continue to post new content and make changes to your website. At this point, you should be getting some traction with your new SEO efforts, including finding yourself higher in the list of search results and seeing more traffic to your page. While this amount of attention will continue to grow as your efforts take root, it can still be a good indication that you are doing something right.
You should also take this time to start creating a strong web of links. Be sure that you are linking out to reputable sources that can help to boost your authority and expertise. If you have a lot of old content, you will want to go through and make changes to the links already established if they are not high quality.
Month #5
If you are seeing some success from your new SEO strategy, it is time to start incorporating your social media platforms. Share your posts on whatever posts you may have and look for new ways you can engage with your audiences. If you are creating great content, you will start to see shares from your fans and followers that will add to your link building profile.
Additional forms of outreach can come from PR efforts or partnerships. While your SEO strategy should be able to bring in new customers and clients, you can give it a helping hand by making new connections in the media or in professional bloggers in your industry.
Month #6
With everything set in place, you can begin the “maintaining” phase about about your sixth month. For some companies, this stage may come earlier while for others it may begin much later. At this time, you will want to continue creating great content for your website, tracking how well your efforts are translating into sales and conversions, and making changes if they appear necessary.
SEO is an ongoing effort. It is not something you can set in place and let go. While you can expect to start seeing results from your new SEO strategy a few months into the plan, that rise in business will only drop back down if you ignore your plan. Stay focused on building your SEO efforts consistently and your results will consistently rise as well.

Don’t Give Up

Although it takes time to show results, SEO is important. Don’t convince yourself that you don’t need it just because you don’t want to wait a few months for the results to appear. Invest in your SEO results as a crucial component to your company’s success.

Content Marketing Statistics and Trends 2016 – 2017

1. Content marketing gets 28% or more of the budget.

When deciding where to divide their budget, marketing departments are sending about 28% of their overall cash into content marketing. While content marketing can reach into other areas of a marketing strategy, such as social media or blogging, that is a pretty sizeable portion of the overall budget.
[dc-social] Some companies are putting up to 46% of the marketing budget towards content marketing. At almost half of the overall budget, this tells us that marketers are serious about creating a message that resonates with customers and clients. Source – content marketing statistics
2. B2C marketers are allocating a higher average proportion of total marketing budget to content marketing this year, 32% vs. 25% last year. (Source)
As other marketing mediums become less effective, it seems content marketing is where many marketers turn to reach their customer base in a non-disruptive way. – Brian Honigman

3. Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%). (Source)

Content marketing leaders are pacesetters.
Do you know why there are more followers than leaders in the online marketing world? One reason is that leaders quite literally lead the path, by showing others how to get stuff done.
Sadly, many of those we refer to as leaders in blogging, social media, and SEO just aren’t getting us motivated and excited anymore.
They’ve become occupied with other activities that don’t encourage them to create the kind of content that originally brought them traction, leads, sales, and revenue.
But the few digital marketing influencers who spend their time creating the right content drive more traffic and leads than they can handle because they continue developing awesome content for their own blog.
For example, the content marketing leaders at Search Engine Journal have consistently created high-quality search and marketing-related content. They’re always at the forefront. And they generate over 1,000,000 unique visitors each month. Neil patel
4. B2B marketers report sales lead quality as their #1 most important metric for measuring content marketing success; even more important than sales and conversions. (source statistics) Jayson Demers

SEO Reseller Guide

  • Has your consulting or website design clientele blossomed during the surge of the digital world?
  • Would you like to start increasing your passive income by outsourcing SEO services under your brand?



If you answered yes to one of the above or similar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reselling questions then this article is just for you.

SEO Reseller Programs

SEO reseller programs are a great way to increase your portfolio of services by allowing you to offer your web design clients SEO consulting services without having to do much work.
In this step by step guide you will learn the many benefits of signing up for as a SEO reseller. We will also walk you through the step-by-step process of vetting SEO reseller programs and offer you valuable information to help you avoid the biggest potential pitfalls of outsourcing your client SEO services to an SEO agency.

Reselling SEO Benefits

  1. Increase client Revenue Fast
  2. Little to no increase in effort on your end
  3. Passive income that lasts

Start Selling Organic SEO services today.

There is little thing easier than selling organic SEO services to your clients. In fact, they have probably been hounding you about it for quite some time. With Webspand you can markup reseller SEO prices 2 or 3 times and hit the ground running, today.
Our reseller client SEO proposals are branded as yours so all you have to do is forward your prospective client the proposal and let it do all the sales work for you. When you sign up as an Organic SEO reseller with Webspand you enter into a program that offers deliverables so detailed and eye catching that it’s actually hard not to close a sale.
In fact you get a sample keyword audit as well as a full 12 month strategy proposal that your clients will love. This increases the perceived value of your brand with out of this world professional communication and no effort on your end.
Substantial Monthly Revenue Increases.

Being a SEO reseller is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Send us your client data (domain name, goals, and budget)
  2. Forward the sales proposal to your client
  3. Close the Deal and forward your client monthly deliverables

Reselling SEO Risks and Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Poor customer experience potential
  2. Dependency on outside providers for quality
  3. Increased customer service without a full knowledge base

Maintain Control of the Interaction

Customer service is priority one for your clients and reselling leads is not the best way to insure they receive great service that reflects well on you. Avoid SEO resellers that want to pay you for the lead and handle the service. The best was to resell SEO is to handle the customer service yourself will outsourcing the actual Search Engine Optimization to a white-label agency.

Beware Affordable Packages

Avoid Cheap SEO reseller packages for your high value clients. It took years to build the trust you developed with your clientele. Preserve that by signing up for reputable and safe organic SEO. The last thing you need is to be forced to explain why a website has dropped form Google visibility.

Only SEO experts can tell the story

Stay out of the danger zone by making sure your results and monthly deliverables tell the story of exactly what your customers receive for their marketing dollars.
Caution: Low Quality Outsourcers are not Worth it

  1. Avoid Brand Reputation At Risk
  2. Prevent Tactical Google Penalties
  3. Cheap SEO Resellers
  4. India SEO Companies

Time and time again we hear horror stories of the “best SEO reseller services” that end up just being outsourced to low-quality India SEO companies. The reporting deliverables are bland spreadsheet lists and there seems to be little to no plan.
Don’t let spammy link builders ruin your brand reputation by signing up for SEO reseller programs from cheap SEO companies.

Digital Marketing Statistics Trends 2017-2018

Digital Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2017-2018

Digital advertising is a bit like leaving online bread crumbs for your buyers to locate and follow, finally leading to the products and services of your firm. But, unlike a road that is clear-cut, digital stations let customers and prospects to enterprise on a labyrinth-like avenue toward purchase.
Strategizing for this particular switching buyer’s journey may be somewhat challenging, particularly as the tools you utilize to connect with customers shift together with the manners they would like to receive info. However, the aim–to communicate efficiently with buyers–stays the same.
So are marketers managing strategies and their budgets for 2016?
Here are 10 digital marketing trends with data that will help you put together the appropriate combination of tools and strategies to land clients and inspire actions.
1. Direction and content development now maintain the second biggest share of advertising budgets that are digital.
Between social networks, customer-driven websites, newsgroups, and video, creating and SEO service strategy around content that is successful, timely, and interesting is huge for 2016. As customers use more digital stations for cooperation, research, and purchase the pressure to fuel the proper advertising stations is also growing. To remain competitive, focus on on-line content development. Develop a team of gifted folks as well as a dynamic strategy to develop amazing content that inspires customers.
2. 28% of marketers have reduced their promotion budget to finance more digital marketing.
This indicates an important shift away from the old school way of advertising towards more nontraditional channels that are on-line. Strategy changes predicated on results are much more easy to get into activity, companies can stretch cash farther when digital marketing is operating efficiently, and marketers are assured that they are given a higher ROI by on-line choices.
3. Digital advertising spend is predicted to grow by 2016 to 35% of overall funds.
Every company understands they want to market, but the trick is understanding how to divide a promotion budget between on-line and conventional advertising–subsequently allocate the on-line part among various stations. To take advantage of your cash, shoot for where your contest has a powerful presence or where your target market hangs out on-line. The best plan would be to attempt something, course results, then tweak your strategy to optimize ROI. Cellular advertising is increasing as the quickest growing marketing route that is digital, which makes it a budget must have in 2016.
4. 60% of B2B marketers use rather than utilizing sales lead quality or social networking sharing web traffic to quantify success. (Tweet This!)
Success comes to the analytics. It is much simpler to monitor performance and measure ROI with website traffic amounts that are reputable. These solid numbers provide you with a clear image of the utility of a web-based campaign, but traffic is not everything. This stat additionally reveals the immaturity of advertising measurement in many organizations, as well as the demand for more in depth data and evaluation. You will be jumps ahead of the competition if you’re able to ramp up your content marketing analytics in 2016.
5. Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound advertising leads have a 1.7% close rate.
Organic SEO services are to search that the Holy Grail is to internet traffic, as it means you are being found by people of their particular volition–no shoving needed. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of small seeds like social networking shares, word of mouth, employing cross platform content, and consistent fresh content to get folks there. The advantage is the fact that, by preparing in the digital marketing pipeline and in small steps, the salesperson can close the deal.
6. Online display advertising (banner ads, re-promotion, and re-targeting) will get the next largest share of the internet spend at about 34% of total online spend and about 10% of the overall marketing budget. (Tweet This!)
Digital marketing is extremely adaptable; firms tweak an unsuccessful effort can raise the scale of a successful on-line effort, or replicate a successful digital advertising strategy from a different product or service. With the capacity to monitor success within hours, changes can be immediately turned around by firms with the infrastructure or upgrade strategies quicker than ever before.
7. Search engine marketing (SEM) will continue to get the biggest share of online spend at 47%, or about 14% of the company’s overall advertising budget 2016.
Businesses are spending huge dollars to get eyeballs online, which means they’re establishing the rate that is competitive. Understanding where to find your customers is the secret to linking with them, also it changes as new programs, applications, and cellular apparatus impact customer customs. Investing cash into Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing is essential in case you’d like to participate or re engage a customer on their route to buy.
8. Video is used by 73% of B2B marketers as a content marketing strategy, and 7% of marketers plan on raising their YouTube advertising.
Big firms rely greatly on YouTube to spread the word on their services and products in regards to video content marketing. Yet, you do not have to be large to leverage the power of video. With smart phones in the pockets of the majority of individuals aged 18-44, accessibility to video is a no brainer, and that does not even factor in other kinds of cellular devices.
9. 84% of top performing businesses are using or aim to start using marketing automation by 2016.
The content train is currently in perpetual motion–and it is become nearly not possible to manage advertising attempts manually. Automation enables businesses satisfy the requirements consumers in an international market and to stay consistent contact through personalized content. In addition, it enables organizations to centralize landing page creation, web analytics, email marketing, segmentation, list management, and multi-channel campaign execution, and make a deeper alliance between sales and advertising and find ways to quantify performance responsibility.
10. 67% of Twitter users are more inclined to purchase from brands they follow.
Among the greatest advantages of Twitter is the swift-moving flow of advice, making it simple to add content that is fresh during the day. Tweets are not difficult to automate, repurpose, and utilize as a tool to share links for websites, videos, competitions, or statements in a form that’s fast to share. Twitter additionally gives a productive solution to link directly with customers to control customer problems or showcase favorable customer care to brands.
When all the small “bread crumbs” you plant along the way come together, it may have a huge effect on the bottom line of link building services. In addition, it makes all the digital marketing data you gather in deciding your content strategy that much more precious, a new year, particularly as you enter.
Get More Stats!
Take a look at our cool, challenging advertising stats page. It’s all the information you should ramp up your playbook for 2018.