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What is an Expert SEO consultant?

An expert in SEO can consult with you and your team to avoid the many pitfalls that can befall a brand’s visibility when things change. As professional SEO consultants we have helped businesses reclaim lost visibility and Google Rankings by advising on things that can be changed and the items that cannot.

Why Use Professional SEO Consulting?

It is been our experience that a well thought out SEO plan and Search Engine Optimization strategy from SEO consulting services can help your brand reclaim lost revenue and save you time in retaining lost visibility. Even better if you consult with us first we can help you avoid it.

Examples of SEO Consulting Services

  • Website Migration Help
  • Changing (CMS) Content Management Systems – Example: Leaving Shopify and building your own WordPress website
  • Website Design Changes
  • Content Refresh
  • Re-Branding
  • New site or business launch
  • Migrating from one web host to another
  • Losing your digital marketing manager
  • SEO employees quitting
  • Domain name changes and URL redirect list strategies
  • Website that were built and designed by PPC and Paid Search agencies.