Resell SEO and Earn Revenue:

Reselling SEO & Link Building

We will also pay your for your direct SEO client leads & PPC referrals.

Experienced Results

Provide your clients a “high-touch white glove” experience and a SEO reseller service that reflects well on your brand and yourself.

It happens…

At some point you need start looking elsewhere to full fill the digital marketing labor needs of your current and prospective client base.

The Problem…Who can you trust?

It is hard to find an affordable, naturally ethical and effective SEO agency that can provide a superior customer service and lasting organic SEO results that are penalty free and safe.
Most white-label marketing reseller services barely pass for SEO and the backlinks are often toxic. When this is matched with overseas India customer service managers…Reselling SEO and link building often ends up costing more time than it saves

Solution, Webspand SEO Reseller Program

Allow Webspand to provide a superior customer service and high-quality organic rankings.
Earn revenue from your current client base by offering them the opportunity to soar with organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), “Google penalty safe” manual link-building services and Pay Per Click (PPC) management programs.
Benefits of White-Label SEO Outsourcing
We custom create SEO reseller program packages to provide you and your clients with our “full service white-glove” approach to reliable SEO and paid marketing. Keep Your Focus on:

  • Earning More Revenue for Working Less
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Scaling Profits

Why Choose Webspand As Your Partner?

Webspand understands the value of your reputation and treats the opportunity to serve you and your clients with respect.
It is our goal to surpass your expectations with stellar organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, fanatical service and out of this world reporting deliverables that provide a complete granular and high level perspective in a white-label format…branded-as your own.

We believe the only way to create value is to so for others and this core belief is reflected in how we treat your clients.

How Webspand Professionals Use Their SEO Knowledge In Boosting Businesses’ Reach

If your goal is to offer the most effective SEO services available, along with your own, then you need to consider our company’s outsource search engine marketing and SEO reseller program. We have the tools you need and the packages to choose from to ensure that you and you’re clients’ needs are met.

What Do We Do Here At Webspand?

Our Webspand employees understand how important it is for you to reach out to your clients online. You don’t have to specialize in SEO to get the benefits of search engine optimization. We can do that for you with an array of options and our SEO reseller plan option. We have the experience your company wants and needs from an SEO campaign, and we can provide you with a customized approach that works as you need.

We can work two ways, based on what you’re looking for:

  • Silent partner – We’ll work in secret and behind the scenes to help you and your clients achieve the desired goal. Example:
  • Referral partner – We’ll work in conjunction with your clients through a referral service to attain their desired goal.

We’ll use our own tools along with your tools to boost your business’ offerings and its bottom line.

Don’t Forget…

Google recently underwent a plethora of changes that can affect paid and organic search results. For example, Google no longer allows paid search ads to be placed at the top right-hand side of search results. Anything under fourth ranking of paid search results will show up at the bottom for a total of seven ads on every page.

This makes it even more important to have the right SEO agency in your corner to make a difference between the first page and third or fourth page. Our Webspand professionals will work in whatever manner you need us to so that you get the results you’re looking for… for you and your clients!

What Is White Label SEO? How Do We Use It With Our Clients and For Their Clients

White Label SEO is a partnership between two companies that work together to sell and deliver SEO services and share the profits. Our professionals at Webspand will work to plan and carry out the final products and offer you all the reports on how we made this happen. With the information in hand, you can freely provide this to your clients to show them how their SEO campaign is working.

It really is that simple. You have the opportunity to assist your clients while also helping expand your own company.

Keep In Mind…

SEO tasks are something you have to consider if you want your business to be successful.

  • Do you want to carry out the campaign for yourself?
  • Would you hire someone to do it for you so that you can spend time on what matters more – your business?

SEO statistically is a manual process – it’s not something that you can start up and leave automated. You have to maintain control over it so that if someone puts your link on their website, you want to ensure they are a high-quality website. SEO is a great tool but a complex process that can benefit you in the long run… if done correctly!

Why Should You Consider Our SEO Reseller Program?

SEO reseller programs provide you with the chance to refer your clients to our SEO services. It’s also known as outsource search engine marketing and is a wonderful way to make additional money for your company.

When you use our SEO reseller program, you’ll get a 10 percent payment when your referred clients are sent an invoice. We’ll give you a 10 percent check every month for the maintenance clients.
And, in this SEO reseller program, we can add in the client communications.

It doesn’t matter if you’re website or graphic designer, businesses that benefit from your services will benefit from the SEO service as well, regardless of what program you choose – White Label SEO or SEO Reseller Program. You can rest assured that your clients will get what they need and you’ll generate additional income.
Everybody wins!

Do You Want To Be An SEO Reseller? Reach Out To Our Webspand Customer Service

If you like the idea of being an SEO reseller, you just need to fill the form out and send it in. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. And, if you have questions or concerns, we’ll be delighted to address them for you by phone (866-675-9966) or email (

Why Should You Trust Us?

If you’re thinking that all SEO companies are crackpots or not worth investing your time in, well, we’re here to tell you that Webspand professionals care about you and your clients. We understand how difficult it can be to find an ethical and effective SEO agency for your campaign’s needs.

We also know that the majority of white-label marketing reseller services hardly pass SEO and that any backlinks you get can be harmful to your company’s growth and survival. When you team up with these kinds of agencies, you may feel less than hopeful about your campaign and spend more money than you should.

It’s why you only need to choose us for your SEO and reseller needs! We understand that time is money, and that’s one of the beliefs we operate under.

What Can You Expect From Your Personal Webspand Professional Every Month

Personal Strategy

In your first month of your monthly SEO campaign, we develop an SEO technique that has a tangible attack plan in place. We offer this, so you’ll have a visualization of what is going on. You’ll be provided with documentation of where things are recorded – usernames, link locations, passwords and other notes will be provided in this document and updated every month.

Ranking Report

We will provide you with a ranking report every month to show you the progress being made. This will let you figure how the campaign is progressing.

Google Analytics

Along with the ranking report, we will provide you with a Google Analytics report that gives you a visualization of how your clients’ traffic is increasing.

One Go-To Person

We understand how important communication is during the whole process. Therefore, we make sure that you have a one go-to person for all your communication and correspondence needs. We want to make sure that everybody knows what’s going on, why and when things are happening.

Why Should You Work With Webspand Professionals Over Our Competition

  • We don’t use any kind of SEO tricks to rank your website – we only use the best, most effective marketing techniques. We make sure that our services are completely transparent, even to the layman person.
  • We keep track of all the changes Google and other search engines make to their algorithm. We know Google is good at weeding out bad websites and non-relevant keywords. We understand that click-through rates are heavily impacted the kind of search results they get – organic search vs. paid search ads. We know that paid search ads show up higher in the visibility, and we know our clients want to have their brand show up in front of searchers’ faces.
  • We have a highly competitive price model. It’s been designed to specifically meet our clients’ needs to ensure it hits everything they want.
  • We will address all your questions and concerns in a timely manner. You don’t have to wait days for a reply. We will handle all your needs on an immediate basis.

We offer so much in terms of SEO services that there’s just too much of it to list and that’s a fact. Therefore, if you want to know if we handle SEO for social media or how we contend with click-through rates, all you need to do is send us an email at or give us a call at 866-675-9966 to learn how we operate.

We recognize how valuable your reputation is as well as your clients’ reputation. We will treat you to the kind of service that goes above and beyond your expectations when it comes to SEO results. We operate under the belief that in order to create value, we have to create it for others. And, it’s how we treat our clients!

We look forward to serving you for all your SEO needs!