Local Citation Building Service with Clean Up and Auditing

Cleanup And Citation Audit Services

There are many things that need attention while running a successful business. One such thing is determining whether or not you need to obtain the services of a citation audit and cleanup company. Below are some major signs you are in need of the services.

  • You have multiple business locations you want to maintain good citation health for.
  • You want to fix low quality citations you have had created previously.
  • Your citation campaign has been neglected which resulted in loss of local rankings.
  • You have recently made changes to your business name, phone number or physical location.

Let Us Help You Get More Consistency With Your Local Citations!

Benefits Of Hiring A Citation Audit And Cleanup Service

  • Improves Local Rankings- If you have business information listed for your online locations that is not consistent, you could be preventing potential clients from being able to contact you. Not having an updated business name, address or phone number on your listings can significantly cause damage with your rankings for local search engine results.
  • More Time To Concentrate On Business Efforts- The process of performing a cleanup and citation audit can be extremely time-consuming. It can take even longer when you are not fully prepared for the amount of effort that is required. If you want to save time for more important tasks involved in your business, you should hire us for your citation cleanup service.
  • Fix Duplicate Or Incorrect Citations- It can be very confusing or hurt your ranking in the local search engine results when you have multiple listings with different information on each of them. The cleanup process will fix any mistakes in your business information and quickly remove duplicate listings that are hurting your search results.
  • Get It Done Properly- For those who try and do the cleanup and citation audit themselves, they risk the chances of not doing it properly. It is in your business’ best interest to hire a company to perform the services for you. Our company has years of experience offering citation audit and cleanup services for our clients across many industries. We also have local SEO gurus that we regularly partner with to ensure we offer the best possible results. We truly live and breath citation audits and cleanups!

How The Process Of Cleanup And Citation Audit Services Works

Citation Audit Process:
  • Client Input- To get the process started, we ask all clients to fill out an initial intake form. This will include giving us your current business information and your old business information.
  • Verification Of Information- Once we receive your initial intake form, we work to verify the business information you have sent us. We will look for any inconsistencies we find online compared to the information you give us. We will then contact you to discuss ways in which we can resolve this. This is the most important step to discovering all of your existing citations.
  • Search Through Major Data Aggregators- The next step we take is to search for your information in the four top data aggregators. These include Localeze, InfoGroup, Acxiom and Factual.
  • Uncover All Current Business Citations- We will manually locate all existing citations your business has using the business information you have provided us with.
  • Quality Control- We pride ourselves in offering quality services to our new and existing clients. There are no exceptions to this part of the discovery process. Once this stage is completed, we will send a detailed report of our findings to our quality control specialists who will work to manually check all information for accuracy.


Citation Cleanup Process:
  1. Clean Up U.S. Clients’ Data Aggregator Information- The cleanup process will begin with making certain that the information of your business in the top aggregators is current, clean and accurate.•
  2. Clean Up Top 50 National Business Sources- The next step during the cleanup process is to verify accuracy in the top ranking business sources for the nation. These are national sources, not just local ones. These business sources often list various businesses in the whole country across a variety of industries.
  3. Clean Up Top 5 Location And Industry Specific Directories- For many local businesses, there are some location-specific and industry-specific directories that can have a big impact on your local search engine rankings. We will ensure your information is clean and accurate in these directories to help you have healthy rankings.
  4. Verification- This is the last and most important part of the cleanup process. Some business directories require a phone call to verify your business information being changed. For these directories, we are going to work closely with you to make sure the necessary changes get made. We will work with you to find a convenient way to approach this step.

Our Turnaround Time For The Local Citation Services

The time it takes to complete all cleanup and citation audit steps will vary from client to client. In general, the turnaround time can take anywhere from six to ten weeks. The main factor concerning the amount of time it will take is the citation profile your business has.

Reporting During The Process

Initially, we will follow up with you one week after we begin working on your audit. We will send you a Citation Audit Report. Afterwards, you will receive an update on the status of the project every two weeks. Once we have finished with the Cleanup Stage of the process, you will receive a detailed report that includes all citations we find during the Audit Stage and a list of all of the citations we cleaned up for your business.

The Grand Picture

Maintaining consistent and accurate business information across all of your citations is a top priority for a business that wants to rank well for local searches. It is also important to remain consistent with information on your website as well. If you want to try and tackle your Local Snack Pack, it is recommended to also review our Onsite SEO services. We can help you work towards optimizing your business website.

Cost For Citation Clean Up Service

The cost for our services is $499 for the whole process. Contact us for more information or a quote for multiple business locations today! All clients are eligible for a free consultation of 30-minutes to learn more.