updated 11.22.2024

2024-2023 SEO Stats

These statistics and trends indicate that in 2024, your SEO strategy will need to focus more on creating high-quality, user-centric content, optimizing for new technologies like voice search and AI, and ensuring excellent user experience through website performance and credibility.

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  • The phrase SEO jobs has an 23% search increase on Google during 2017 compared to 2013
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Anybody who has been marketing for a few moments has heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the criteria that search engines use to rank websites. But that criteria is often changing to accommodate new SEO consulting trends. Any blogger who wants a consistent flow of traffic will keep up with these changes.

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Most websites want some kind of user interaction. If you have an online store, then ideally, your users will enter their credit card information. For bloggers, the information could include just a name and e-mail address for a newsletter. Hackers know about this and they attempt to break into your website and steal your customers’ information. This is especially true if they are on an open WiFi server, such as in a coffee shop.
Google is actually rewarding websites that switch from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS provides a more secure connection by encrypting all of the data that is transmitted. In fact, Google will soon start flagging websites that are not encrypted. If there is anything that will deflate your traffic, it is a warning label from Google.

Algorithms That Search For Real Content

Google caught on pretty quickly to spammers who tried to exploit their system. Their algorithms are now sophisticated enough to detect when there is real underlying content. This means that you will actually have to write.

Another positive aspect of creating content is that people will come to your website for it. When they need a product, they will already have you in mind because they frequent your site. Similarly, writing content will help to establish you as an industry expert. It is a method of controlling your brand. Beyond that, content will protect against smear campaigns. If a competitor writes an article about you, it is going to be buried in the search engine results under all of your content.

Voice Searches

Interestingly, experts predict a rise in voice searches (see SEO facts). That can already be seen with robotic products such as the Amazon Echo. But if they become as prevalent as researchers think, bloggers could have to make major adjustments to strategies due to voice search and the implications of SEO

One example could be keywords. People do not vocalize keywords in the same way that they type keywords. When typing, they might use odd query terms to yield their results. But when speaking, they will use natural language. This means that your content will have to be more conversational. A spoken search is less precise than a written search, so a highly technical website might be left behind.

The great Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius said that intelligence is defined as adaptability. That truism still stands today. If digital marketers want to keep pace with their competitors, they need to be adaptable.