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Digital Marketing Statistics Trends 2017-2018

By June 18, 2015 No Comments

Digital Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2017-2018

Digital advertising is a bit like leaving online bread crumbs for your buyers to locate and follow, finally leading to the products and services of your firm. But, unlike a road that is clear-cut, digital stations let customers and prospects to enterprise on a labyrinth-like avenue toward purchase.
Strategizing for this particular switching buyer’s journey may be somewhat challenging, particularly as the tools you utilize to connect with customers shift together with the manners they would like to receive info. However, the aim–to communicate efficiently with buyers–stays the same.
So are marketers managing strategies and their budgets for 2016?
Here are 10 digital marketing trends with data that will help you put together the appropriate combination of tools and strategies to land clients and inspire actions.
1. Direction and content development now maintain the second biggest share of advertising budgets that are digital.
Between social networks, customer-driven websites, newsgroups, and video, creating and SEO service strategy around content that is successful, timely, and interesting is huge for 2016. As customers use more digital stations for cooperation, research, and purchase the pressure to fuel the proper advertising stations is also growing. To remain competitive, focus on on-line content development. Develop a team of gifted folks as well as a dynamic strategy to develop amazing content that inspires customers.
2. 28% of marketers have reduced their promotion budget to finance more digital marketing.
This indicates an important shift away from the old school way of advertising towards more nontraditional channels that are on-line. Strategy changes predicated on results are much more easy to get into activity, companies can stretch cash farther when digital marketing is operating efficiently, and marketers are assured that they are given a higher ROI by on-line choices.
3. Digital advertising spend is predicted to grow by 2016 to 35% of overall funds.
Every company understands they want to market, but the trick is understanding how to divide a promotion budget between on-line and conventional advertising–subsequently allocate the on-line part among various stations. To take advantage of your cash, shoot for where your contest has a powerful presence or where your target market hangs out on-line. The best plan would be to attempt something, course results, then tweak your strategy to optimize ROI. Cellular advertising is increasing as the quickest growing marketing route that is digital, which makes it a budget must have in 2016.
4. 60% of B2B marketers use rather than utilizing sales lead quality or social networking sharing web traffic to quantify success. (Tweet This!)
Success comes to the analytics. It is much simpler to monitor performance and measure ROI with website traffic amounts that are reputable. These solid numbers provide you with a clear image of the utility of a web-based campaign, but traffic is not everything. This stat additionally reveals the immaturity of advertising measurement in many organizations, as well as the demand for more in depth data and evaluation. You will be jumps ahead of the competition if you’re able to ramp up your content marketing analytics in 2016.
5. Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound advertising leads have a 1.7% close rate.
Organic SEO services are to search that the Holy Grail is to internet traffic, as it means you are being found by people of their particular volition–no shoving needed. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of small seeds like social networking shares, word of mouth, employing cross platform content, and consistent fresh content to get folks there. The advantage is the fact that, by preparing in the digital marketing pipeline and in small steps, the salesperson can close the deal.
6. Online display advertising (banner ads, re-promotion, and re-targeting) will get the next largest share of the internet spend at about 34% of total online spend and about 10% of the overall marketing budget. (Tweet This!)
Digital marketing is extremely adaptable; firms tweak an unsuccessful effort can raise the scale of a successful on-line effort, or replicate a successful digital advertising strategy from a different product or service. With the capacity to monitor success within hours, changes can be immediately turned around by firms with the infrastructure or upgrade strategies quicker than ever before.
7. Search engine marketing (SEM) will continue to get the biggest share of online spend at 47%, or about 14% of the company’s overall advertising budget 2016.
Businesses are spending huge dollars to get eyeballs online, which means they’re establishing the rate that is competitive. Understanding where to find your customers is the secret to linking with them, also it changes as new programs, applications, and cellular apparatus impact customer customs. Investing cash into Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing is essential in case you’d like to participate or re engage a customer on their route to buy.
8. Video is used by 73% of B2B marketers as a content marketing strategy, and 7% of marketers plan on raising their YouTube advertising.
Big firms rely greatly on YouTube to spread the word on their services and products in regards to video content marketing. Yet, you do not have to be large to leverage the power of video. With smart phones in the pockets of the majority of individuals aged 18-44, accessibility to video is a no brainer, and that does not even factor in other kinds of cellular devices.
9. 84% of top performing businesses are using or aim to start using marketing automation by 2016.
The content train is currently in perpetual motion–and it is become nearly not possible to manage advertising attempts manually. Automation enables businesses satisfy the requirements consumers in an international market and to stay consistent contact through personalized content. In addition, it enables organizations to centralize landing page creation, web analytics, email marketing, segmentation, list management, and multi-channel campaign execution, and make a deeper alliance between sales and advertising and find ways to quantify performance responsibility.
10. 67% of Twitter users are more inclined to purchase from brands they follow.
Among the greatest advantages of Twitter is the swift-moving flow of advice, making it simple to add content that is fresh during the day. Tweets are not difficult to automate, repurpose, and utilize as a tool to share links for websites, videos, competitions, or statements in a form that’s fast to share. Twitter additionally gives a productive solution to link directly with customers to control customer problems or showcase favorable customer care to brands.
When all the small “bread crumbs” you plant along the way come together, it may have a huge effect on the bottom line of link building services. In addition, it makes all the digital marketing data you gather in deciding your content strategy that much more precious, a new year, particularly as you enter.
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