WordPress Migration

Webspand WordPress Migration services are an affordable way to transition away from your current web hosting contract and gain control over your digital presence.

Pricing $100 per page

Examples of Client Successes

  1. Squarespace to WordPress Migration
  2. Blog.com to WordPress Migration
  3. Godaddy Instant Site Builder to WordPress Migration
  4. Godaddy Website Tonight to WordPress Migration
  5. Wix to WordPress Migration
  6. Weebly.com to WordPress Migration
  7. HTML5 & CSS static website to ‘WordPress Migration’
  8. Joomla to WordPress Migration
  9. Drupal to WordPress Migration


What’s included?

For example if your website has 18 indexed pages in Google, All of these pages will be transferred to a WordPress CMS at a rate of $1,800

What you get.

  • Full Content Page Transfers in a fully functional WordPress CMS
  • Creative and Digital Media Transfers
  • Full Image Transfer
  • Conservation of URL Structure and WordPress SEO services ranking authority
  • 1 Month of Free Managed Hosting ($150) Value
    • Hosting can be set up for you under a your own Godaddy account witch will cover email at no additional charge (Monthly hosting fees range from 9-29 a month depending on your package)
      • We will be more than happy to set up everything you need for hosting and email at a flat rate of $300*
        • *This account setup is free with a migration or theme design purchase.


  • Custom Design Themes are not included (A base theme will be set up that can be designed close to your current feel. Alternatively, you can purchase a semi-Custom Theme Design starting from Webspand at $1,900.)
    • We customize a theme of our choosing to match the color scheme of the previous design so branding is continuous. The site will look similar to your existing site but is not a duplicate or copy nor do we accept design input for appearance after more than 2 passes and a total of 1 hour of labor.


What’s Not Included?

  • New or Rewritten Content
  • Email Accounts and functionality are not Included
  • Hosting after 1 month
  • Customization Requests of Theme for more than 2 passes
  • More than 1 hour of labor performing visible changes once Migration is Complete.
    • Additional hours may be purchased at $140 an hour


Example of WordPress Migrations:



Semi-Custom Theme Re-Designs

Pricing $1,900

What you get:

  • 2 initial mockups to select from to steer direction of design
  • 3 passes to improve or make changes ( initial, interim, final)
  • 2 hours of labor implementing design and aesthetic change requests.
    • Additional hours may be purchased at $140 an hour



Examples of Semi-Custom Theme Designs:






Freebie Account Setup with any purchase of the either of the above products.

Hosting Solutions We Suggest

Go-daddy will be the quickest and most affordable source to handle your website and e-mail hosting for the life of your business. For under $20-30 a month you can have full hosting, email, and scalability.

We will set up an entire account for you to cover you for hosting and email ($300 value)

  • You provide a Godaddy Account
  • You provide a Credit Card to setup your accounts on your behalf
  • You provide an email, username, and password to create said accounts.


If Godaddy is so cheap how can you offer hosting for so much more?

Your Godaddy is an un-managed account…this means when and if things break it will fall to you or your website managers to identify, resolve, and repair the problems.


Webspand offers fully managed hosting for $150 a month.

  1. This means when things break we fix them often times before they ever break.
  2. If you need a certain in-scope functionality… we figure it out. (Out of scope labor is available at $140 an hour.)
  3. Email, hosting, software updates, hacker protection all fall under scope when hosting with Webspand.
  4. This is billed on yearly (12 Month) terms.


Executive High-Level Summary of Services

  1. WordPress Migration – $XXX | 1 Time Payment for Migration (Allow 1 Week for Completion)
  2. WordPress Theme Design – $X,XXX| 1 Time Payment for Theme Design (Allow 1-2 Weeks for Completion)
  3. SEO Management Services – $X,XXX | Recurring Monthly Payment for SEO Management (Allow 2-4 Weeks for Rankings’ Forward Movements)


The following is needed to get started:

Godaddy Account Access or Credentials to Create

Hosting Account Credit Card or Payment Information for Godaddy an ~$30 Month

FTP or Backend Access to Existing YP Website


With the above investment you can expect large traffic increases as well as your mobile rankings to lift.