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Google AdWords PPC. It’s the most popular of the pay per click advertising platforms. Whether you’ve done any sort of page search before or you are taking your first swing at the bat with Google AdWords, the very first thing to know is that it’s definitely not a set-it and forget-it platform. It’s marketing that requires a lot of PPC management, a lot of time invested, a lot of optimization to make sure you’re getting out of it what you hope to get out of it. All sorts of things, trends, data, metrics that we want to be tracking, day time trending, geographic trends, bid and budget management within your account, keyword management, device strategy, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

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ppc-management-expert-companyReally, unbluring those lines and figuring out how does a PPC company get the most out of this platform. What this boils down to is our line. That’s what any business owner is looking for from their paid search or organic SEO services strategy. The analogy we like to use is like a slot machine. Imagine for a second you went to Las Vegas. You found a slot machine where every time you put a dollar in, you got $1.50 out. The question is, how long would you sit in front of that slot machine and continue pulling that lever? The answer, 10 times out of 10, is a very long time. If you’re putting that dollar in and you’re getting 50 cents back every time, you’re probably not going to sit there playing for that long, and that’s what AdWords is.

It’s something where if optimized, if taken the time and utilizing the correct strategies, you’re definitely going to be getting a solid return on investment. Very metric-driven though. The very first thing business owners need to do is to know their metrics. Understand your metrics. Understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Once you’ve done that, you also need to focus on the fact that sales, leads, whatever your conversion is, that’s not the be-all-end-all. What we’re looking for is profitable sales or profitable conversions.

If we’re spending $50 a conversion and the margin we’re making on products we sell is $30, well, we’re probably not going to be running Google PPC management too long because we didn’t keep in tune with our metrics. Therefore, we’re losing a lot of money on every sale. Really make sure to be plugged in with our metrics, know what we’re trying to accomplish, and make sure we have a just strategy as we go into our optimization efforts, and then really focusing in on as a business, what is an acceptable cost really? What is an acceptable cost or acquisition?

Once we know that, we can now start to optimize and go down to the individual keyword level. This particular keyword might cost really is X. This other keyword might cost really is 2X. Therefore, I’m going to funnel more my budget towards keyword number one simply because I’m getting much better return on investment because I’m generating my leads and much more cost. Really getting down to that level of granularity will really allow us to get the most out of paid search strategy as we continue to optimize.

Now, folks, seeing on a few different parts of our paid search or our Google AdWords strategy, the very first piece of the platform is search marketing. That is a very ad and keyword driven type of marketing. First, folks, seeing on the ads, well … Copywriting, ad writing is not a simple concept. There’s a reason why there’s copywriters out there that get paid millions of dollars a year to write great copy for great ads because it resonates with the particular prospect or client that, that brand is trying to hit.

ppc-management-serviceWhen we’re writing ads, once again, not set-it or forget-it, not “Hey, we got pay-per-click management started. Let’s write some ads. For the next five years, we’re going to keep that running.” That’s not going to work for you. Even though that might be profitable, the thing we say is the only better than making X is making 2X, or 5X, or 10X, and that’s only going to be accomplished by continuing to optimize. One of the strategies we’re definitely going to want to use is A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, however you want to phrase it, but utilizing testing mechanisms to where we can write a variation of different ads, test those against one another, and then the best performer will continue run with that particular ad group, that particular keyword, or whatever that might be, but not to stop there.

Now, we want to see if we can bring improvement upon that, so now we’re going to test U-Ad Copy against the previous and best performing PPC company ad copy. This is going to happen on a continuous basis because the only way you’re going to get those quick through and the conversion rates up is by continuing to test there, so really being focused on multivariate testing and being very aggressive in doing so. The other facet to this, keywords. Most business owners are going to say, “Hey, you know what? If we was looking for my site online, if we was looking for my product, these are the keywords that we would want to be found for. These are the things that are important to me.”

What we would say is, “That’s great, Mr. Business Owner and Mrs. Business Owner, but you really need to be focused on what your prospects or your people you’re trying to reach online are really typing and searching. Forget for a second what you think is great, and look at the historical data. Look at the competitive analysis and research. Look at those things in the marketplace that are really driving sales, driving ROwe for companies just like yours. Then as we continue to go along, we can continue to optimize based on what the data is saying.” Far too often, business owners or marketing folks are concentrated on what do we think works.

The reality by PPC management company standards there there is a whole mass of historical data that will give you a very clear picture as to what works, what doesn’t, and that’s what we want to be focused on. Then at the end of the day, trend. Trend analysis is a major component of what Webspand does. Anybody who’s running page search strategy, that’s really something … That’s really something that they should be focused on as well. When we talk about trends, we want to focus on what is bringing conversion. Maybe there’s a certain time of the day where we find that certain ads resonate with our target demographic a little better.

Maybe we find that there are certain geographic regions where a particular ad copy resonates with our target demographic a little better. Maybe we found that on particular devices, “Hey, we have a great product that sells really well on tablet, smartphone devices. Our cost or acquisition there is X amount lower than doing it on desktop.” We really want to know adjust our bidding strategy, really getting down to granular details as to what are the trends, what is the historical data telling us. Once we know that, we’re going to be able to do a lot of optimization that allows us to take our campaigns at a much more profitable place.

Search network allows us to really target that home page of Google, that front page of Google, but statistics would say that 95% of time spent online is spent on content sites. Think about when you’re browsing in your free time, what you’re doing. Usually, you’re not hopping up, and down, and all around on the front page of Google. You’re going to different content sites that you enjoy looking at during your free time. The Google display network really allows us to take advantage of reputation management services and content marketing on content sites. Now, the Google display network over time has somewhat gotten a bad rap because a lot of advertisers have not targeted the way they’re … Targeted the way they’re advertising on Google Display Network.

There’s a lot of great tools, a lot of great mechanisms within the platform that really allows us to do exactly that. We could focus on marketing by the type of content. If you were marketing a certain sports product, you could specifically say, “Hey, we want to show up on sites. we want my ad creatives, my banner ads, my text ads to show up on sites that focus around certain sports content.” Now, your ads will show up there and only there. Now, you have a lot of control about making sure that your target demographic is the only one that’s being hit and not a lot of other people who don’t have any interest in your site.

Google display network, also great for running brand and campaigns. A lot of times, our campaign is going to be focused on getting more known variety, getting more visibility, really getting out and getting our name known in the marketplace. That’s one thing that Google display network is great at. Conversions, cost for conversion, cost for the … Let’s throw that all out the window for a second. We’re looking at shear exposure and getting more eyeballs on our brand. Now, we can really widen this out, show up on a lot of different sites of all sorts of different content, and make sure that we’re getting a lot of visibility now to bring some brand recognition.

Then, ad creatives. The same way we’re talking about ads over here in the search network. On the display network, people are focusing on content sites or whatever they came to that site for. You have to have a very effective ad to draw their attention away from that; but not only to draw their attention away from that, but give them a call to action to go on and say, “Hey, this is my brand. This is my product. This is what I’m selling. Stop what you’re doing, and go into my site, and further explore what it is we have to offer.”

Really testing variations and different banner ads, ad creatives, and focusing on making sure that part of your advertising strategy is correct as well because just throwing up one banner ad and running that across a lot of different sites on the Google display network is really not going to serve your goal at the end of the day. While once again that might be profitable, our goal is not just to be profitable, but to be optimally profitable, and that’s what we’re going to come through to continue testing here on the Google display network. Display advertising, a very effective mechanism once again to make sure that we’re really getting as many eyeballs and as many conversions that we can from our strategy.

Then last but not the least, some things that all business owners are necessarily doing, remarketing and retargeting on YouTube display remarketing. Now, why are those important? The first thing is we really, in 2014 and moving forward, need to be focused on being where our prospects are and being there when they’re interested. People’s attention span has gotten shorter and shorter. Quite honestly, statistics will say most times when people go to your site, 96% of the time, they’re not going to take the action that you as a marketer want them to take. They’re not filling out that lead form, they’re not going to your shopping cart and purchasing, so how do we get back in front of that person?

Remarketing is one great tool that allows us when that conversion rate optimization service doesn’t happen, and they now go back out into the world and start looking at various content sites. Now, we can start following them around to a degree and showing these great call to action at, “Hey, comeback to our site. We had a great value proposition you didn’t complete. You know the action that we were looking for you to take, but we still have that product. we still have that service you were interested in, and we want to say in front of you.”

YouTube. Very often, businesses don’t have a YouTube strategy. Why is that important? It’s very important because YouTube is actually the second largest search engine after Google in the world. If we’re not formulating a specific strategy for the second largest search engine in the world, then we would say there’s probably something very wrong with you and your strategy as an advertiser. Utilizing both YouTube and remarketing, we can always come back to this call of action.

Whether they’ve been to our site and we haven’t purchased … They haven’t purchased previously or whether they’re just checking out some video content or any content for that matter along YouTube that’s relevant to what we do as a business, now we can get in front of them with a great call of action, sell our product, sell our service, and make sure that person is aware because people are spending more and more time here on YouTube and a great time with Google AdWords to get ads out there and a lot of other different formats where we can now use media assets or rich media.

In 2014, if we don’t have a video strategy, if we don’t have some promotional videos and things like that, that we can utilize on YouTube now to leverage all these traffic, well then we would say you don’t have a fully utilized strategy and something that Webspand can certainly help you optimize and get in tune because most businesses aren’t doing remarketing the way it needs to be done, aren’t leveraging a YouTube strategy the way it needs to be done, and that’s something where we can certainly come in and help.

Everything we talked about today though goes back to one thing, and that’s conversions. If we’re not focusing on optimizing all of our campaigns based on conversion data, historical conversion data, and now trend analysis that allows us to now project, “Hey, these are the things that are going to drive more conversions better,” are a lie, well then, we’re not doing our job as advertisers and marketers, and it’s certainly something where we need to bring more focus to what is converting and how do we get the least cost for conversion. That wraps it up for today. Once again, Webspand can help you with all of these micromarketing strategies and something we can certainly have business with.
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