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Content marketing

Webspand is in the business of content marketing—and, inevitably, so is your brand. We create shareable media that drives your business, and develop strategies that surpass competitors. Using market research, we ensure your agency’s customer experience aligns with what your users are search for online.

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Mobile App and Technology Development – Webspand project management and quality assurance is paramount for all mobile and web projects. We have learned to not promise what cannot be delivered on time. More importantly do what we say we will, when we say it. There are no missed deadlines or increased budgets because if we cannot drive what you want when you want it.

See this is a secret reason why we are always so laid back, receptive and upbeat. We do not stretch outside of or expertise to insure your happiness and our brands degree of prestige in over all business ethics and capability.

We value your feedback as much as you do from your market segment. This drives us to astound you over and over again with fresh quality ideas and creations. As well as helps us remember the lessons learned by the <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development”>Agile development methodology</a> author Martin Fowler. Imagine . . .No more technology missed deadlines.

Interactive UX and UI Design : User experience design is a product of onsite behavior monitoring and ( again we call upon our most valuable asset) our consumer behavior experience. This Helps your Brand’s unique qualities be reflected in your customers mind by not only the framework or visible design but also by their interaction with your firm across channels. Our expert designers and content marketing consultants will help combine powers like the “power of gray skull” ( he man here) Ok its not HE MAN but it is fictionally powerful. With this type of power represents as knowledge your target audience will engage on a deeper level fostering brand loyalty.

If you are unaware UX or user experience is fancy talk for how the entire grid of interaction between you and your customer is controllable and will utilize design tricks to facilitate a measurable satisfaction and not frustration or confusion. To learn more, read the blog post we made on UI vs UX interaction experiences.

Now a lot of agencies like to use some even more fancier terms to describe what the benefits are of UX designers building your brand. To sum it up it allows use to see measure and control all aspects of the consumers interaction with your brand in the digital market place. Some of these are Log data, eye tracking, measurement, focus groups, psychology of symbols and tons of other creatively holistic words. However your not here to learn about the specifics you just want to know if we are “Worth It” . . . Only one way to know for sure, contact us to see if we fit into your plans and goals.

ing an engaging, memorable online experience taps into everything from sociology to heuristics and a bunch of other fancy words in between. Here s some of the research we do to make sure the right message gets to the right person.

A bit more on our web design services. Design is subjective and it is hard to please everyone. However if you want to work with us we will continually manage and refine the cross channel; UX design in a multi device responsive design. What this really means, is that we love to be creative and come up with clever concepts to encourage the results you demand. Infarct its one of our top 100 favorite things to do with our time. ( this was not an official poll).

Social media – Like affinity data on the horizon social media is a fundamental of an effective multi platform engagement strategy for your brand. Never before have we as digital advertisers, enjoy access to the vibrant data that comes from a quality relationship with a loyal customer base. With cross channel interaction from major platforms like Facebook and Twitter we can analyze your metrics to create engaging value and make sure it spreads on the right platform for your brand. Combine this with competitor and your own feedback via social listening and you my friend, have a very fine tooth comb to separate the “wheat from the chafe” so to speak. But really, its David Blane amazing what is possible these days with the right know or willingness to think inside the pyramid(inverse to outside of the box). Ok so lets summarize what your brand receives with Social Marketing solutions from WebSpand Social apps Social strategy Online Communities 1 on 1 Campaign manager Social media development Digital reputation management Campaign performance analysis(also free smiles)

<b>Internet Marketing:</b> What do Search engine optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, and E-mail have in common? Easy they are an integral part of your media campaigns and content marketing plans. Our “gurus” are experts at Google Analytics and PPC Adwords. With these programs and other in house software, your digital assets are analyze, tracked, monitored and optimized to drive results. From pay-per-click advertising to Facebook ads you can benefit from over a decade of experience as Google Adwords Campaign managers. Your website will be responsive to all mobile smart phones and mobile retargeting will help increase your potential conversions several fold. Our Internet affiliate marketers can connect your brand with the top earning sellers on the linkshare or commission junction communities. Offered are robust capabilities in strategy to build a strong subscriber database to both active publishers and a loyal fan base to announce your content to. Ask any professional blogger and they will tell you e-mail is the major revenue source for their company. Email marketing Search marketing Media buying &amp; planning Continual strategy analysis Conversion R.O.I optimization